Workshop: Positioning Myself Successfully in an Agile World – with Self-Branding

Successful people are successful brands: They embody values, radiate trust, and stand for integrity and credibility. In today's working world, this is more important than ever: Change, working from home, the demand for agility and frequently changing stakeholders require you to clearly position yourself and your team - authentically and to the point.

In this workshop you will discover how self-branding can help you achieve greater impact, recognition and opportunities for yourself and your team. You explore the current trends in self-branding. You get to know the Self Branding Model® and learn which elements make up a strong, forward-thinking brand that will empower you to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in.

Finally, you get food for thought, strategies and practical tips that you can implement immediately. In order to make sure that your brand remains unmistakable even in a dynamic environment.


10th PMI Switzerland Conference, Zurich