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Self Branding Model (SBM)®

Presenting yourself successfully is not witchcraft: It's not a question of talent or luck – it can be learned. To do so, you need skill, sensitivity, stamina and a system.

The Self Branding Model (SBM)® I've developed goes far beyond the usual self-marketing techniques. Instead, it involves a systematic approach based on the most up-to-date economic and psychological expertise available. More specifically, it utilises the latest discoveries in brand research and neuromarketing. It also makes use of observations, practical findings and collaboration with customers.

The Self Branding Model (SBM)® is the foundation of our work on your personal brand. It consists of three parts, which give the brand focus and emotional appeal, a clear direction and visibility:

  • Brand identity is the heart of any personal brand. Brand identity reflects our strengths, our values and our passions. It expresses what we believe in, what we stand for and what drives us.
  • The brand concept includes the idea of forward planning: What would we like to achieve? With which tools and with whom? What principles will we adhere to?
  • Brand communication is the tool used to effectively present our brand. It defines the measures that make our brand visible and put us in the spotlight.

Self Branding Model - Dr. Petra Wüst