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With Self Branding you approach change at eye level

Do you and your team sometimes feel overwhelmed by all these demands: transformation, agility, working from home, constantly changing roles and stakeholders?

No panic! Self-branding will get you through it.

I will show you what is important and what you can do step by step.

Work with me to develop your personal brand or team brand and achieve more visibility, appreciation and opportunities for yourself and your team.

Strengthen your role and multiply the impact of your team - without a flashy ego show


  • You confidently show who you are and what you stand for.
  • You show your contribution and increase your impact.
  • You and your team are seen as equal partners and receive the appreciation you deserve.
  • You are the number one choice when interesting tasks and projects are assigned.

Best of all, you accomplish all this without beating your chest, but by creating value for others and letting them share in your experience and what you've learned.
You want greater visibility and impact for yourself and your team? Arrange a free initial meeting.

The essentials at a glance

Seventeen years of Dr P!

With my consulting company Wüst Consulting GmbH, I have been specialized in personal branding and self-marketing since 2004 and belong to the leading providers in this field.

Seventeen years of Dr P! means over 1300 seminar days, 330 coaching clients, 6 books, 2 business dossiers and numerous interviews and articles. It also means 100% passion and joy and 1001 priceless experiences.

My heartfelt thanks go out to my customers! Your interest in the subject, your motivation, your trust and your collaboration have made all this possible.

Public presentations or seminars

Do you want to experience Dr P! in person? Then attend one of my public presentations or seminars - online or offline.

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