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Keynotes & presentations

As a presenter, Dr P. stands for:

  • An engaging, witty speech
  • Profound knowledge paired with many years of practical experience
  • Valuable strategies, tips and tricks that you can implement right away
  • Powerful statements, clear examples, food for thought and "eureka" moments

After the presentation - offline and online - I will be happy to answer individual questions from the participants.

I worked with Petra Wuest during the organization of This is Me... and my Brand, one of the workshops organized by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association on personal branding, a topic that Petra is expert on. During the workshop, we explored the 13 elements of the Self Branding Model, developed by Petra herself. I find Petra very professional, energetic, engaging, and conscious of her audience when she speaks in public. She gracefully adapts her speech as attendees make questions, and gives practical tips that one can start putting into practice right after a session. We received very good feedback from the attendees of the workshop. I highly recommend working with Petra and I hope to work with her again soon!

Some of the best practices you shared, e.g. avoiding softeners in messages or choose respectful but clear and firm language, helped us tremendously in understanding that small changes can make a big difference! Hearing the feedback from other participants, I can only say: thank you for an inspiring and eye-opening event. 

Do you want to be inspired? Then take a look at the current topic highlights or call me and we can discuss the character and content a presentation at your event should have. Presentations in German and English.