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Design your own personal brand

You are unique – with your own individual strengths, experiences, desires and goals, and your own rough edges. Self-branding makes you aware of this uniqueness and helps you use it to design your distinctive profile. You'll learn how to show yourself and your successes in a good light with ease.

  • Would you like to build a strong reputation and advance your career in a constantly-changing environment?
  • Do you need to influence without authority and want to build trust through a clear, authentic profile?
  • Do you want your team’s contribution to be better recognised and valued?
  • Is your department going through a transformation? Would you like to confidently take advantage of opportunities both now and in future?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, self-branding is right for you. That's because:

A strong personal brand provides clarity, generates interest and creates a reputation that precedes us.

Self Branding Model®

Self Branding Model®

The Self Branding Model® contains all the elements you need to build a strong personal brand. It is well known in science and business, plus I teach it at several universities.