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Topic highlights

My work covers a variety of self branding topics. We can change the focus to suit your specific needs and goals. These are the highlights:

Self Branding - Achieving Success with a Strong Personal Brand
Participants are introduced to the 13 elements of the Self Branding Model®. They learn how to differentiate themselves, showcase their expertise, and promote their successes.

Team Branding - Multiply the Impact of Your Team
Team branding combines team building with team promotion: Team members discuss their team's key strengths and achievements. They decide how they want to be perceived and what goals they want to achieve. They then develop an action plan to communicate their team's activities and successes to the larger organization.

Influencing Without Authority
The ability to influence others is a critical skill in today's agile organizations and flat hierarchies. Learn how to gain the cooperation, support, and buy-in of your stakeholders without having direct control or authority over them.

Positioning Myself Successfully
Self-praise works! Participants learn how to talk naturally about their work, strengths, and expertise. They discover that self-praise can be easy and even fun, and they lose their fear of overly aggressive self-marketing.

Speed Self-Marketing: Impress in 30 Seconds
Speed is crucial, even when showcasing yourself and your skills. Learn to present yourself and your abilities in a compelling, concise manner. Bonus: Craft your captivating elevator pitch.

Self Branding - Women Only Edition
Effective self-marketing isn't gender-specific, but women often find certain aspects challenging. This workshop aims to boost participants' confidence and enhance their self-marketing skills.

Are you intrigued by any of these topics, or do you have a particular one you'd like to explore? Book a call, and we'll discuss how I can assist you best.