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Topic highlights

My work spans a wide spectrum of Self Branding topics. We can alter the focus to suit your specific needs and goals. These are the current highlights:

Self-branding – achieving success with a strong personal brand
Participants will get to know the 13 elements of the Self Branding Model (SBM)®. They will learn how to stand out, as well as the skills they need to have to get ahead. Participants will also learn how to put their capabilities and successes on display and promote them to others.

Presenting myself successfully
Self-praise works! In a presentation or workshop, you'll learn how to easily and naturally talk about your strengths, areas of expertise and skills and how to gain the attention of your stakeholders. You will discover that self-praise can also be simple and pleasant, so you'll no longer need to worry about overly-aggressive self-marketing.

Speed self-marketing: impress in 30 seconds
Speed is an important factor in success, even when presenting yourself and your skills. Learn how to present yourself and your capabilities briefly and concisely, to convince others and to get them on your side with little effort. Bonus: Formulate your attention-grabbing elevator pitch.

Storytelling – convince with gripping stories
We love stories: They touch, grab and move us. That's because a story goes straight to the heart. Discover how to structure an interesting story, how to portray yourself as a hero or heroine, and how to tell your stories so people remain on the edge of their seats.

Self-branding exclusively for women
Good self-marketing is not gender-specific Nevertheless, there are a few aspects which women usually find more difficult than men. In this workshop, participants work on presenting themselves confidently and also discover how to effectively improve their self-marketing. After all, ability is good, but skilful self-marketing is better.

Team branding – how your team can present itself successfully within your company
Team branding combines efficient team formation with effective self-presentation: Team members discuss the most important strengths and abilities of their team. Together, they decide how they should appear to the outside world and what goals they want to achieve. After that, they develop an action plan to communicate the activities and successes of their team within the company.

Are you interested in one of these topics, or is there another specific topic you'd like included? Call me and we'll discuss how I can best assist you.

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