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My purpose

I enable people to feel recognized for who they are and the value they bring.

People fascinate me. They are varied, multi-faceted, inspirational – and unique. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to "live" their uniqueness and show it to others. This is where self-branding and I come into play.


  • You can courageously show what drives you, what you stand for and what makes you different from others.
  • You receive interesting project or job offers all by itself - without having to pretend or schmooze.
  • Others listen to you and value your contributions.
  • And you do all this in a business world that is characterized by VUCA, transformation and virtual collaboration.

Does that sound good? Then I am the right partner for you.

I show you how to position yourself and your team effectively.

Making sure you're visible, appreciated and thriving in the new work world.

What you won't learn from me: How to sell nothing but hot air.

If you want to learn smart sales slogans or how to fool others, this is not the place for you. Because for me, authenticity and content are key.

I help you to define your inner values, to create your brand based on this core and to position yourself in a compelling way. So that you are appreciated for who you really are. As an individual or as a team.

Arrange a no-obligation 30-minute getting-to-know session over a virtual cappuccino. I look forward to meeting you!

Petra Wüst Career

I established the consulting firm Wüst Consulting GmbH in Basel in 2004. I work internationally as a trainer, keynote speaker and coach on the subjects of self-branding, communication and leadership. I am also the author of several notable books and I teach at various higher education institutions in Switzerland, including the University of Basel.

More Info
<h2>Experience a change of perspective</h2>

Experience a change of perspective

My offices are in a stylish urban villa in the heart of Basel, a few minutes from the railway station in the city's atmospheric St. Alban quarter. This exciting, creative and yet relaxing environment allows you to concentrate on your work, far away from day-to-day business.

Come and visit to experience a change of perspective!

<h2>Pi 3.14159265</h2>

Pi 3.14159265

describes the relationship between a circle's circumference and its diameter (circumference = 2Πr). Pi extends to an infinite number of decimal places and the numbers sequences never repeat themselves.

However, there was also a very personal reason for choosing pi as the central element of my logo. Do you remember the nickname your friends and family gave you as a child? Mine was Pi, a short form of Petra. This is something that only certain people know – and now you do too!